Investment Property

I also want to be when I can do what I like to do the occupation that is good, I this person like to do these on the sale of the above things, so my university major is international economy and trade. I work in a factory now but I think I should go get a job, I think the investment propertie of the work is still very good, one of my friends were there. Monthly salary is also a lot of people in the workplace and that the work is also very happy, so I decided one day I visited the company cast resume, hope my dream will come true, so I can do what I like to do.



Investment Property

When the investment property company to meet him when I know I want to find someone. Some time ago, I because of their love has not smooth, just friends complaining with surrounding, a good friend to me said he knew a property investment company boss, in many years ago saw in this industry, but later became a successful young businessman, this year is just over thirty, and single, wanted to introduce me to. Of course I won’t be so silly to wait, he pretended to be a want to do investment property to their company, after seeing him, was a man of striking appearance have an imposing appearance, ah, no wonder the market to see so clear.



Investment Property

Our company is a private enterprise, the original is operating software outsourcing, but now the market competition is very intense, our boss want to switch to do other business. I told my boss relationship is very special, is not only the general relationship between superior and subordinate, I was the boss’s girlfriend, so he has what thing to be discussed with me. He said that he wanted to switch to make the investment property, ask me how. In fact, for man, woman or as little as possible to join as well, especially on an investment property be utterly ignorant of, but did not dare to speak, if my opinion caused his embarrassment, he hurt me so, and is contradicted me feel shy, so I kept silent.



Investment Property

The house is again much, no one help is also a very annoying thing. I used to think, the house is the most important thing a person, at least that you belong to the city, the city also has your shelter. Standard of living more and more better, the house also bought several. Now I and husband live set, parents-in-law live set, mom and dad live set, or the results of the remaining three sets of houses do not have a person to live. Until the rental, but light is rent I to be very bothersome, then discuss with husband or the several real estate investment property, then sold the people will no longer worry about, nor so many boring things.